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Born and raised amidst the vibrant rhythms of Jamaica, Rachael Marks emerged as a rising force in the world of music and the arts. From the tenderest of ages, her soul resonated with the captivating melodies and enchanting rhythms that surrounded her. With a mother who is a Caribbean gospel artist, directing choirs across the island, Rachael found herself immersed in a world where music became her very essence.


As her journey unfolded, Rachael's passion for music expanded beyond boundaries. With a fusion of genres that seamlessly blends new-soul, R&B, and pop, she creates a unique and mesmerizing sound that defies categorization. Her sultry vocals, accompanied by lush arrangements and infectious beats, transport listeners to a realm where emotions intertwine and stories come alive.


Embracing her dynamic views and nomadic lifestyle, Rachael always felt compelled to challenge the boundaries of the norm, reshaping art through the prism of her own life and experiences. From living in Jamaica, the United States, to Japan, she absorbed the diverse cultural influences and infused them into her music, creating a tapestry of sonic richness.


With open arms, Rachael Marks invites you to embark on her extraordinary journey—a journey where music becomes a conduit for emotions, stories, and shared moments. Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and moved as you witness the boundless spirit of an artist unafraid to reshape the world through her fusion of new-soul, R&B, and pop. Welcome to the transformative world of Rachael Marks.

Message from Rachael

"Music is a universal language that has the power to move and inspire others. I believe life is like a song. There's a beginning, flow, highs, lows, and an ending. The way we compose a song is similar to how we compose our life. It takes trial and error, progression, and writing our own story.  Will your song be that of a melodic, beautifully orchestrated piece syncing other sounds, or one that is put together with discord, force, and clash. A good song and a good life comes from gathering inspiration from the world around and in us, collaboration, and living in our personal and unique truths. Let's move to the rhythm of life like a song." 

Rachael Marks

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