How to start your career in Cybersecurity

 There are many routes and avenues you can take to get in the Security field. Unfortunately, that leaves people at a disarray as they don't know where to start due to the many options. Fortunately, you are able to tailor and cultivate the experience based on your interests. 

First things, acquire the fundamental knowledge of Security. 


Get Certified Get Ahead by Darril Gibson is the first book I laid my hands on. This book lays out the fundamentals and also prepares you for the Security+ certification. Not only does it provide the basics 

it's also an easy and interesting read for someone new to the field.

It's not overloaded with excessive industry talk but covers the important topics

in a concise and simple way for the prospective cyber warrior

Take Top Entry Level Security Certifications 

*Each subtitle is embedded with the direct link to the site to get more information

CompTIA Security+  

 CompTIA is a globally recognized neutral vendor organization. This is the certification I attained. They provide a plethora of IT certifications. 

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Security Fundamentals

 Microsoft offers study materials and certifications to guide new and upcoming IT and Security professionals. You can take the 98-367 exam to learn Security fundamentals. This is recommended if you have experience in Active Directory,  Windows-based networking,  Windows Server, firewalls,  and network ports.

GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC)  

 Although this is an entry level certification, GIAC certification covers advanced technical subject areas to measure specific skills and knowledge areas rather than general Security knowledge.

Access Free Security Training Websites  

Cybrary Offers free IT and Cybersecurity training. Courses are taught by well experienced professionals in the industry.

SANS Cyber Aces  

SANS is the most trusted and the largest organization for information security training and security certification in the world. Offers free online courses


Professor Messer  

Professor Messer is the CompTIA training guru. You can access all his videos via Youtube and study materials on his site. Great resource for preparing for a compTIA exam (A+, Network+, Security+, or Cisco training) if you want to study You can listen to his videos on the go via Youtube or 

Get Connected

Use Online platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram to connect with Security professionals.

  • LinkedIn: join Cybersecurity groups, follow hashtags like #cybersecurity #informationsecurity #infosec

  • Twitter: Follow Cybersecurity organizations and companies like, @briankrebs - Krebs on Security, @NIST, @threatintel.

Join local Cybersecurity organizations in your local area

Get immersed and attend Cybersecurity conferences

Let me help you become a cyber warrior!

  • Tailored tips and guidelines to getting in the field based your experience and interests

  • Resources provided to get you started on your learning journey

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