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Love. We want it, we sometimes lose ourselves trying to find it. We hope and wish for it. But what is love?

Perhaps we already have love. The best love, it doesn’t fade, the love that allows you to live a life of contentment without any exterior reasons. This love allows you to live freely without any dependencies. This is true love. It comes from love of ourselves. Not one that is pure ego, but one that is able to accept the flaws in ourselves. This love is unconditional. This love is trying to understand your thoughts and doings just as you would do another in a friendship or romantic relationship. Why is this love not the most worked on?

Just as we would try to understand and console another when one is down, why do we lack that of ourselves?

Maybe we are our biggest nightmare. The love of ourselves should not stagnate either. To love ourselves is to want ourselves to grow and be better in mind, body, and soul. To love ourselves is to know ourselves, to love ourselves is to love the world we live in. The more we love our self, our personal down falls and shortcomings is looked at with love, not distaste. We accept ourselves but we also progress ourselves.

Love is in you. If love comes from outer factors, if that love decides to leave or disappear, we will feel abandoned, we will feel lost. That is why love needs to be within ourselves, that love is the best love, and it will bring you to the other forms of love through passion, a person, or something external of you. Love should never be taken away, and that’s why love needs to live in you.

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