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I am - You are : Confinement

When we try to identify ourselves, how do we do so?

Is it simply by the name that was given to you? Perhaps it's the title you've gained through strenuous but rewarding process of an academic education. Maybe it is the things we own, such as money, a car, a house, that symbolizes who we are. Maybe it's the way we carry ourselves that tells a story of who we are to others.

If I were to identify myself I'd say I am Rachael Marks, a woman with big dreams, a woman who is curious about the world, a woman that is passionate in all things she does. A woman who is ever growing and does not like to be confined to a category, thinking, or stereotype of what one might think I am.

It's true, it is easy to generalize, it is easy to confine people, ideas, an even doings to what we see on the surface. But oh, we are complex and dynamic. Situations are complex and dynamic. There is not a set way to "be". We are who we are by different experiences, ideas, and inclinations.

Perhaps I am speaking vaguely, but I believe what I speak on can be pondered about on many areas in our life.

Don't confine me as just a woman. You might have your preconceived idea of me to be docile and a woman who yearns for love (love is not outside of myself) and just want to have your babies.

Don't confine me as just a black woman, because you might think I know how to twerk or come off as angry.

Don't confine me as the Cybersecurity girl, because you might just see me as being a nerdy, technical, book smart person.

Don't confine me as just an Artist , because you might think I am not intellectual enough to speak on topics on the sciences.

Don't confine me as the free spirit, because you might think I'm not able to sit in a conference room of C-level executives.

Don't confine me as an agnostic, because you might think I am out of touch with spirituality and lost in the world, only to find out I live a life of peace, love, and contentment within, that is pure.

Don't confine God, because you might think it's tied to a religion, a man, or a set of rules.

See, if I were to confine myself to a particular thinking, old adage, who I was growing up, and my capabilities in the past, I'd be just that. But i'm not just that. I am an ever expanding human being, capable of love, of understanding of growth and so much more.

So I have this question, are you who you say you are, are you satisfied with being who you are? Do you know what you are and what you have inside, do you know your own potential? Do you know the life you complain about is a life you can actually change?

Do not confine your circumstances.

Do not confine your love.

Do not confine your understanding

Do not confine people.

& you'll see how much higher in soul, love, mind, and peace you can experience .

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