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October 5, 2020... Anew

I am starting over again. I’m not sure where my steps will lead me, but I know where I want to go. I will go where I envision. The process may be rough, but I will keep going. No destination is a destination forever. Life is a journey, a journey that has its seasons. Seasons of pain, love, sowing, and harvest. My new journey is just beginning, and I will step into it with fervor.

My life is not where I thought it would be a year ago. That’s the thing about life, we don’t fully know the steps or outcome, but we hope it’s one that is in our favor. Do I favor the outcome of my life today? I wouldn’t say I favor it, but I accept it. I love and I grow from it. I’ve been tested. I’ve been lost, bruised, emptied.

But now, I am refined, centered, focused, in overflow of love, peace, and understanding. I am in a new journey that will scale my thoughts, skill, aptitude, and position.

There are things that are required of me. I will bring consistency, value, focus, self-discipline, patience, attention to the duties I take part in. I have the capability to be the woman who guides and lead by example. There is no lack, only abundance. Wherever I go, I bring value and abundance. When I speak, I bring enlightenment, wisdom, understanding, connection.

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