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Written by Rachael Marks

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Don't be controlled and shaped by the world around you but rather expand in awareness and you choose and create the world you want to experience.

To thrive we must focus on our gift, have confidence in our individuality, live in our truths and be authentic with ourselves. Identify what makes you unique. Know that no one else has your kind of spark, which means there is no need for comparison or competition and see just how much higher you'll go in life. 

Be careful not to get yourself too deep in someone’s else's reality, as their reality will push unto yours. Once you’ve become immersed in the reality of others, society or mainstream, that’s when you’ve disconnected from self. You won’t feel in sync and you’ll find it hard to follow the path that really sits with who you are and what you can uniquely release into the world. You won’t feel in sync because it is not truly your own world. Make your reality.

Give to the universe and it will give back to you

Speak to the universe and it will speak back to you

Love the universe and it love you

Listen to the universe and it will listen to you

Trust the universe, and it will trust you with all the blessings for you. 

Bless the universe and you will be blessed

Never deviate from your manifestations even when obstacles tries to lead you astray. Stay connected to your vision and it will continue to reveal itself.

Once we tear down the construct and ideas given to us by society, we begin to see more. Once we start to live life on our own terms, it becomes more meaningful. Once we stop caring about an image, we authentically become ourselves.

Sometimes we deter ourselves from opportunities due to staying in our comfort zones. Do something you don't normally do, talk to people who don't look like you or have the same views, and don't limit yourself by saying what you're not capable of. How can you ever BE if you don't try?

Everything continually adds up and fall into place, even when we've laid certain aspirations to the side. We're not done. We just needed time to recollect then go back to add more magic to the initiative we've started.

Life has its twists and turns. Sometimes you experience blissful moments and other times, low moments. Embrace whatever moment you’re in. Learn, grow, and artistically create your life from it.

Many won’t understand what it looks like to be free, and claiming the freedom that is ours. Is it the way I move my hands to glorify the force within and outside, or is the smile I wear on my face that shines brighter than the sun? Does my joy disturb and harm others or does it question their own place in life? Do they ask themselves “am I happy, am I free, am I me?” Perhaps they don’t know what internal joy is, so they see my joy as absurd, naive, and crazy like. Does my joy need to be contained? Do I need to subtle the life in me to succumb to the woes of others? To be in wallow or to be in love? Free means transcendence. Free is me. Free is drunkenness, from life itself. Life makes me full, life rejuvenates me. Life sustains me. Life is my best friend. I am life inside and out. 

I am not you, nor are you me. I will shine, just as you will shine. If I am me and you are you, there is no competition.

To experience death while living, is to stick to the ordeals and ideas that was placed on you. Without true exploration of your self and your thoughts, are we really ourselves? 

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